Rules !!!!

​That sense of pride we get when we boast around our friends about the numerous times we broke the TRAFFIC RULES. Cool, Right?  Because Rules are meant to be broken! But whom are we actually fooling if not us. Breaking rules won’t just harm others but ourselves. One maybe experienced driver but not everyone on road knows driving that well, which puts everyone’s life in danger, including Yours. I request you people, the rules are just not meant to be remembered during some social events, but actually need to be followed  because Someone is definitely waiting for you to return back home.


Racism!!!A murderer of mankind…

  Today, the world racism is thrown around all the time by not only member of racial minority groups but by white, too. India has been ranked as one of the most racist countries in the world.But why we always forget that our true nationality is mankind. Hating people because of colour is wrong, because the colour of blood in all the people is red and achievement has no colour. So say no to racism and just respect each other for what they are, so we can live  peacefully without being bullied  by racist peoples..



​Once upon a time there was a girl and a boy.. They were from different family but used to read in same school. They graduated from same collage.. They fall in love with each other in graduation. After graduation they got a job in same company.. Few year later to decided to marry each other.. It was quiet difficult to  convince their parents because they born with different culture. But some how they succeed in convincing their family by giving  dowry .but after marriage girl were not allowed to go outside and work.when she asked  her husband, he replied: -“humare ghar mei aurat ki kamai ka khana haram mana jata h ”  

Moral :-

Aurat ki mehenat ki kamai  khana haram h par free dhahej  ka lena nhi… 

Say no to dowry system but women empowerment.


Real face !!!!!

​We come across lots of people everyday. We find an instant connection to many of them. It is good to connect with different people but something that is really important is to find out who is your actual well wisher. There mey be people who’ll call you as their good friend, But won’t last for long.

When BAD TIMES arrive, suddenly such people dissappear from your life. But the real ones are those who will stand besides you. ALWAYS. Even if they won’t be the one who van solve your problems but they will be the only one who will listen to you, not caring about the situation.

 There are basically two types of friends:

 One is who may insults you on your face but will always stand for you behind your back

The other one who bites behind you  but is as sweet as honey in front.

So, the decision depends on the individual to choose between someone who may tease you or one who butters you..



​Rumors spread like wild fire in a forest.  Everyone experiences this once in a lifetime. Even I  was victim once which still has a big impact on my life. Even today people talk shit about me.  As I experienced it myself, so i really wanted to share my story with you. I live in a society which is not a very developed area. People are narrow minded. For them, u  should act like a”19th century Bharatiya naari” to prove your character. I m not opposing their thoughts. I love wearing sari and suit occasionally. But the way one dresses up doesn’t depicts their character. 

Apart from this I have guys as my  friends and this may make me characterless or may be a prostitute. Sometimes It does affects me. But then I  realised  that there is no one more important than my own parents. If they trust me, Why should I notice and feel bad because of these Rumours.

So, Instead of being affected by any kind of rumors let ur parents believe in u. Winning the trust of your parents is definitely more important than any individual. 

Rumours are generally spread by those who cant afford your lifestyle.

Those who are jealous that u have 10rs nd they have 9.


You are the creator of your own destination!

Never believe what a Hand Reader predicts about your future, he just reads what he is capable of but it’s one’s own self who decides it, actually.

It is totally  up to the person how he wants to see his future and how dedicated he is towards his PASSION. Because some people may not have hands but still be successful. It is a fruit of their hardwork, dedication and confidence.